Return of the Stephie

Ok, it's been a while. Craziness, ok? That's all I have to say about that.

I haven't gotten much knitting done lately, but I was involved in CheapAss Swap 3 on knittyboard, and had a blast! My upstream was CurlyTop and was fabulous! Thanks again for all the great stuff you sent my way.

Speaking of swaps, I'm in the sock swap, SP8, and the sweet swap. I found myself considering another one earlier today (the favorite color swap). The madness must stop! I have to concentrate on what I already have on my plate. that being said; I'm having a blast, and my swap pals are great!

Oh, I just remembered! I did finish one Jaywalker sock. I don't like how short I made the cuff though, so I ripped out the CO, and the ribbing, and I'm knitting a longer cuff. The good part is that I'm getting a sock I want. The bad part is that it's thrown the pattern completely off, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I think I'm probably just going to let it go, and leave it as a reminder that I need to learn how to do toe up socks. Oh, and I still have to finish the second one. I know, but now I have other socks to make, and they have to be in their recipient's hands by Feb 28th, so there's no SSS to be had there.

So, is it bad blogger etiquette to post really old FO's? Remember the Mason Dixon Warshcloth swap I was in months and months ago? Well, I took a picture ( a nice one, I might add) of my linen towel before I sent it off, but never posted it. So, here it is! It's the chevron square pattern in the moss colorway. My downstream seemed to really like it, and it was my first blocked project.

I'm going to try hard to update more (with pictures even). Hopefully in the midst of it all things will calm down enough to let me do that.