I am apparently a once a month updater. I'm embracing this...slowly. Life has been throwing me some curveballs lately. I'm adapting and dealing as best as I can.

The rest of my vacation was great. We spent time up in Rocky Mountain National Forest which was beautiful! Our flight to Portland went off without a hitch. Portland was...well it was pretty much everything we hoped it would be. I pretty much ate vegan the entire time there since Nathan really wanted to try various vegan restaurants, and all things considering, how could I say no? I found the best vegan (and wheat free) chocolate chip cookies at Veganopolis. Actually, they were probably the best cookies I've ever eaten, and did not taste like they didn't have eggs, butter, etc. I'm seriously considering emailing them and begging them to mail me some cookies.

I also found a really nice yarn store Knit/Purl. I stopped by in the morning and bought some Euroflax linen. The lady that helped me offered to wind it, and when I said that's ok cause it would fit better in my suitcase as a hank, emailed (right then and there) a link to a Japenese style winding technique that would keep the yarn from slipping out of the ball and becoming yarn barf. She then invited me to the champagne and knit night later that evening. I have to say I was nervous as I've never been to a proper sit & knit. Hubby even walked me to the shop on his way back to the hotel room. If he hadn't walked me to the door I'm not sure I would have went in. I don't know why I was so nervous, but it turns out it was completely unfounded. The people were wonderful. The atmosphere was great, and the owners were so pleasant and curious about our trip, and what brought us to Portland, etc. I even found a cute little knitting kit with hemp yarn, ( a couple balls) knitting needles, patterns, and a little bag for Nathan. He'd been bugging me to teach him for a while, but since most of my yarn has some sort of animal fiber it hadn't happened yet. I really had a great time with them, and could see myself there a lot.

We walked around a lot of Portland, went to the Sat. market and just had a wonderful time. I've never had such a great and relaxing vacation. Coming home wasn't so relaxing. I messed up my tank top on the flight from Portland to Atlanta. I've been so busy doing the Warshcloth swap that I haven't had the chance to pick it back up again. Sock Wars is starting soon, so I'm not sure I'll have time until after I get assassinated there.

So far Sept has been full of work and life. Trying to get as much knitting done as possible. I apologize for my lack of pictures. I manaaged to leave my cord that connects my camera to the computer at a friend's house in Richmond. Not sure when I'll get that back...

Maybe I'll get the chance to update more later.