Blogging is not for the faint of heart

So, I was all excited to start my blog, made the first post, and then nothing. It's an interesting thing; knowing that no one is really reading your blog, and that you could really put anything on here, and it would be fairly anonymous. Ah the anonymity of the web. How sweet it is.

I have two and getting ready to start a third, wips! I'm starting to really feel knitterly. I'm making the One Skein tanktop in Jaeger spun plum. Miles of stockinette. Seriously. Ok, so actually it's only 14 inches, but it feels like miles. This should feel meditative and wonderful because I'm knitting my very first garment, and I *think* it's coming out well. I'm so bored though; it's driving me nuts. What's my answer to this? CO some socks, well, one sock. In a very pretty orange, red, yellow handpainted wool that I got on Ebay. They're for my friend Kris in Ct to go with her Superkris costume.

Don't ask.

I also just got in some Knitpicks Options size 3 24" and downloaded the pattern to do two at once toe-up, and I want to start trying that before I get to much further on the Superkris set. If it's that much easier (and I can do 2 at once) then I'll frog what I have so far, and do that.

I know, I know. I need pictures. I can hear you guys already. I'm working on it; really. Maybe next time.


Captain's Log 1

I've succumbed to the blog-o-sphere. *sigh* I'm so not cool...so not indie...oh well.

I have one wip at the moment. I know, I know! I can't call myself a real k-nitter until I have at least 2-3 more. I'm getting there...really. I think I'm missing out on great knitting opportunities throughout the day. Standing in lines, at red lights, during lunch breaks, and any time in between. If I'm ever going to get a project finished I'm going to have to find more time in the day.

We spent this weekend in Charlotte NC at Heroes Con. For a comic book convention it was a lot of fun. I really had fun talking to various artists, and am getting a custom sketch from one of my favorite webcomic artists Danielle Corsetto who's responsible for Girls with Slingshots. Much to the chagrin of dearest hubby, I also had the great pleasure of checking out Charlotte Yarn.

First, coming from Roanoke VA where there is a severe lack of friendly, well stocked YS I was awed and amazed at a) selection, and b) friendliness. They were helpful and pleasant on the phone when I begged for directions so I could replace my size 8 that I had oh so intelligently (can you feel the sarcasm? It's there...I promise) forgotten to stick back in my Denise kit before I packed it. When I had drove a little further than I thought I should have, and called back to find out I was right around the corner she was still just as lovely. When I pulled into the parking lot (empty, albeit) Remy (Remi? Remee?) walked out to greet me with a warm and friendly "You made it!" As I walked in she asked me where I was from, why I was in town, and what I was looking for. I explained my dilemma to her, and she said "well, that little slip up brought you here; it can't be all bad!" Then she went on to give me a basic layout of the store, and told me to grab her if I needed anything. She left me alone. I'm going to repeat that; she left me alone. Do you know how good it feels to be left alone and peruse? It feels wonderful. Those of you that have very nice LYS let this be a lesson as to treat them well because you never know when you could end up like me...with nothing, or worse than nothing; haughty rudeness every time you walk in.

I dropped over $200 in that store. Rowan, DB, Noro, Blue Sky...a pair of 8 24" addi, the summer IK, a couple extra cables (40" + 52") for my Denise sets. I had fun feeling the yarn...playing with it...imagining what it could be, and it was all made possible by the fact that I was left alone instead of being hovered over and followed like I was going to steal something. Remy was very nice, and offered to wind my 7 hanks for me while I sat and chatted with her and another customer (who might as well be an employee for as much time as she said she spends there). Lovely, lovely women. The part that really made me love them? Apparently, before I showed up Remy was in the middle of closing up shop (around 3:30pm) cause it had been a pretty slow day. When I called she decided to stay open just so I could get my needles. How cool is that? She decided to stay open for a perfect stranger who will not frequent her store (though I really want to!!) even though I could have been the worst customer ever.

Awesome, awesome place that everyone must visit when in the Charlotte area.