Buying more yarn; tsk tsk.

I got into Ravelry a couple weeks ago. If you're reading this blog then you have to know what it is, and I will also gush about it like all of the rest of the knitting blog population. It's just awesome. I want to know what a certain yarn looks like knitted into whatever I do a little search, and there you go. Lots of people's projects. It's just cool. There are also groups (kind of like message boards) and I've joined a few (like 12). One in particular is Sock Knitters Anonymous. They've got a KAL going on that for the next year there's going to be a monthly designer/technique (like August is Sockbug/Lace) and there's some mystery patterns (much like MS3) on every odd numbered month. You have 2 months to finish the socks to be entered into the give away goodness. I think this is just the thing to help me use up some stash yarn, and get me over my hump of sock patterns. I never seem to want to try anything new.

So, I know how I just said I'd be using stash yarn for this, but I found some Trekking XXL at the new yarn store (yes, new; I'll get to that in a moment) and it pretty much had to come home with me. It's colorway 100, and it's very pretty. It's a little more apple green than what shows in this picture, but this is pretty accurate.

So, yeah, a new yarn store in Roanoke. It's called Sereknity and it's out by Roanoke Memorial. It's really cute, and Brenda is very friendly. She carries Rowan which is nice since no one else does around here (that I wouldn't have to drive 40+ mins). She has a lending library which is awesome so that I can get my Maggie Sefton fix in without having to wait for the library, or worse buy it (no, scratch that; they're just not good enough to own). I'm looking forward to watching the store grow, and how it goes. Oh, and the best part? She;s open til 8 on Mondays. Yay for late hours!

In knitting news I'm making progress on a pair of socks I started a while back, but they're supremely boring. Hopefully I can just push through and get them done. They're Lorna's Laces in the Parfait color. A simple 3x1rib pattern that began as the Queen of Cups pattern on Knitty, but I liked the striping that was going on with the ribbing. Now, they're just boring, but I will persevere.