A sock or two.

I know I promised some knitting pics. It's not the greatest pic ever, but here's a pair of socks I finished a month or so ago. The pattern is Sockbug's River Rapids. It's pretty intuitive, easy to memorize, and everyone thinks it's a cable pattern. It's not; it's some well placed increases/decreases.

The yarn is Trekking color 100 which is apparently their best selling color. I can understand why; it's pretty awesome. This is the first time I've used Trekking, and I really like it. It's washed up to be pretty soft, and they're really comfy.

I'm just glad I finally finished them! They were on the needles for months. My next sock is waiting for it's mate, but I really am not looking forward to the second sock (though I think I'm close to the heel flap, or getting ready to turn the heel...I can't remember).

It's a Monkey sock, which I've made before. The pattern is easy, and fun. I've got it memorized, but it doesn't make me want to stab my eyes out like straight stockinette stitch (or ribbing). I actually gave away an almost completed Lorna's Laces sock and the yarn for it's mate to a friend simply because I really didn't want to rip it out, but I really, really, really didn't want to finish the 2x2 rib either.

Anyway, this is the infamous Noro sock yarn. I don't really know what to say about it. It's Noro. It rubbed a spot on my finger while I was knitting with it (thus why I'm in no hurry to get back to it's mate). The sock itself is pretty, and sturdy. I'm not thrilled about how the cool spectrum of colors are all at the top, and the all the warm ones are at the bottom, but there's not much to be done about that. I'm sure I'll finish them eventually.

Right now I'm working on an entrelac baby blanket. I'll post some pics as soon as I charge my camera battery.


Nikki said...

those Trekking socks look great!!

Erica said...

You finally finished those Trekking socks! I remember those from Philly!

Awesome...rock on!

Robin said...


Batty said...

Bright and colorful, just the kind of thing I wanted to see on a gray winter day!

KnitNana said...

Interesting effect of the colors in the yarn and the pattern! Whoohoo!