I received my socks from qdgirl. They are quite beautiful and so soft. I absolutely adore them (really...not just saying that). They are a little big around my ankles, but in thinking about this; I don't think it's her fault. There's a whole long, boring explanation but the short of it is that I think my ankles were swollen when I took measurements of my feet, but as it's winter and I don't really notice my ankles, etc much during this time I didn't think about it until after the fact and some super tight socks were fitting more loose. I also completely failed to send any sort of measurement correction to her, so I can't really blame her. Regardless of this I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of them!

Speaking of the sock swap, my socks for her are just about complete, but I hit a snafu this weekend and hurt my wrist. So annoying. I'll have to say too; already having my yummy socks I'm hoping the ones I make will be up to par; having never intentionally made a pair for someone other than myself (my first pair ended up being a gift). Our sizes are different, but I'm going to give up my secret. I'm totally relying on Sensational Knitted Socks. Completely, following the instructions for where her size falls. I've heard that Schurch is not good with negative ease (didn't hear that until I was completely done with the first sock) but as my swappee's feet are fairly different in size there's no way to really gauge that. All I can do is hope and complete the socks.

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