Can I see that for a minute?

What to say about the Philly knitty fest. Really, there are no words. I laughed all weekend, bought too much yarn, and solidified some friendships. I keep typing out a running commentary, but honestly it's just too much and it won't be as funny the second time around. Instead I'll just post some of my favorite photos with captions.

My roomie and partner in crime Erica. I met her in NYC back in March and had a blast. We complained Friday night when everyone didn't leave our room til 2am, but then we stayed up til 3 talking. Saturday night...it was 4am. I was truly exhausted, but it was so worth it. Best roomie ever.

Pam in the back of the London taxi we had at our disposal all weekend (thanks to Sharon; she's the shortest in the ad up there). Pam is awesome, even more so cause she let me stay at her house a couple of nights. I got to see the stash in person. It is amazing and inspiring, and just absolutely drool-worthy. She is so much fun, and if you ever have the chance to meet her you better do it cause you'll be missing out otherwise.

The hotel group (2nd night) including myself (woo self-timer) in front of Gwendelene (that would be the taxi). Lots of craziness in this group. We had knitties from all over. Ontario, Seattle, Albuquerque, Jersey City, Boston, MD, and of course the local Phillites. I was amazed at how far knitties came from, but am so glad they did!

Saturday morning, taken outside of Rosie's Yarn Cellar. Unfortunately not everyone (I should have made them all come out) but pretty darn close.

Mostly this pic is just for Annmarie and Ariel. What? Did you think you were going to escape *all* the group photos? I think not! Although I did get really good at taking photos when everyone was looking at a different camera.

What we did at Loop. Sit with Amy, talk, and knit. It was fun. We got there before Amy and I was perusing the clearance yarn when she walked in (this is where I scored the Great Adirondack silk/cotton blend). People began to get a little aflutter (and rightly so) when I turned to Erica and said 'even Amy can't distract me from clearance yarn." At least Amy thought it was funny. Erica and I did sit away from the group as there weren't chairs around the table, but I got to sit directly across from Amy at dinner where she gave me some great advice on yarn choices for a Clap and Tuscany (based on my purchases).

Yes, that is the haul. There's some Alchemy bamboo, Great Adirondack silk and cotton, Be Sweet bamboo, Euroflax linen cones, Koigu mill ends, and some other stuff I can't think of the name of. I did well.

I started a lacy scarf out of the silk/cotton blend. Mostly out of sheer boredom with my socks. I just couldn't get the heel right; I don't know what's going on. So, I had the nice lady at Loop wind a skein, bought some Lantern Moon needles (my first pair) and perused a Barbara Walker treasury til I found something I liked. It's turning out really cute.

This is my swatch for Eunny's endpaper mitts. I'm using the Alchemy bamboo that I got at Loop. I'm starting a KAL on Ravelry Sept 1st, so I figured a swatch was in order. I wasn't sure which color I wanted in the background, but after this I'm thinking the green, what do you think?


roxy =^o^= said...


Stephie! My grrrrlie!

Love ya bunches!!!

It was SO GOOD to meet you - we must get together again sometime soon... remember



xo roxy

Trillian42 said...

Hee! Love the "More knitters from more places!"

And you are such a sweetie - it was great fun hanging out with you again.


Sherry W said...

Thanks for posting the pics!

(I like the pink background)

Erica said...

You rule!

And I'm glad you realize that I, too, rule. *ahem*

By the way, I'm still catching up on my sleep. But it was well worth the time to catch up on Steph.

When you come to New York, you can check out my stash, but just know I won't be leaving you alone with it for one second! ;-)

(.Y.) ....because somebody had to do it!


Batty said...

Wow, I wish I could have gone. Such a great time!