Blogstalking part deux

This week's blogstalking assignment is Who am I? This is an excellent question. One I ask myself constantly. I'll try not to get all existential on ya'll like I do in my head, but no promises.

I've lived in Virginia my entire life. Various parts of it, but all the Commonwealth. I used to hate it here; thinking that anywhere but VA was better. It's growing on me. This is my neighborhood, and I love it (actually this was the corner I lived on until we bought our house in January). It's quaint with a little independent theater and a natural food co-op across the street from each other, and within walking distance to me. I'd definitely miss my Blue Ridge Mountains if I moved away from here.

I'm married with no children. This June was our 6 year anniversary. In October we'll have been together for 11 years. He's a guy, and comes with mostly typical guy problems, but he's all around awesome, and I wouldn't be anywhere near the person that I am today if it weren't for him. That's his favorite hat. Seriously though, I'd prob be living in good ol' Rappahannock with 5 kids and my abusive ex in a trailer. I'm not exaggerating.

I'm a vegetarian who maybe eventually will become vegan. Some days I want to more than others. One of my favorite veggie meals is Pad Si-Ew with tofu from my local Thai place (where they know my name, and what I want to order when I walk in the door). My other favorite is sausage gravy. Not really sausage gravy, but it tastes like sausage (I swear, it really does) and is yummy. Hubs is the cook, and a good one at that. Good thing too; I hate to cook. I would much rather bake.

I used to have orange hair, and it was totally by accident. This picture was taken at about 6am by my mother-in-law the day after we made the move from Williamsburg to Roanoke (about a 4.5 hour drive). I never say orange is a favorite color; those are always purples, greens, and blues, but when I look around in my life there's a lot of orange.

I'm in school getting my degree in graphic design. It's all completely online, so 9 times out of 10 when I'm hanging out on the boards I should be doing homework. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Oh, and I come from young parents and grandparents. My mom was 19 and my dad was 16. My paternal grandmother turns 61 in October. I knew all of my great-grandparents and actually just lost the last one on my birthday this year (back in Feb). I've loved knowing so much of my family, and that's the only thing I find even a little sad about not having a kid yet. If we do they probably won't know family the way that I have. That's mom and I (dad was taking the picture) when I was 6 or 7? We were hiking/camping in Shenandoah National Park (literally 10 minutes from my hometown). We did that a lot when I was little. Maybe that's why I have so many fond memories of hiking/camping/the outdoors. Those are the really happy ones of my parents together.

Ok, starting to get a little too truthful, so until next time! I'll try not to talk so much.

Those who know/have met me know this isn't possible.


Erica said...

I feel like the only way to get the full effect of this blog entry is to stay up until 4 am and read it.


Oh man! I wish I had time for blogstalking.

Krysstyllanthrox said...

My parents were somewhat young when they had me, because of that I had a chance to meet one of my great-grandmothers and know the other one. The Geek and I are going to be later parents (I'll likely be 28 when I become a mom) and I've already lost one set of grandparents. I'm sad that my kids won't get the huge family gatherings that I had.

I had orange hair once as well...Sun In is evil stuff!!!

kemtee said...

I enjoyed reading that. Really.

lisa said...

i'm a virginia lifer, too! daddy was a state trooper and we got transferred all over. we lived in the mountains for a while and i loved it there.