Blogstalking Week 2: Purse Guts

Today we will be dissecting a typical purse/knitting bag owned by your everyday mid-twenties woman. Notice the floral, yet not overly girlie pattern on the bag. If you remember our last discussion about orange you'll note that there is yet again orange in the bag. She carries this bag everyday and is happy that it's fairly indestructible with nylon straps that don't slip off her shoulders. Enough about the bag, let's get a look at what we're really dealing with, shall we?

Ok. Opening the bag up we get a cursory glance of some knitting projects, various bits of paper, keys, a wallet looking bag, and, wait, is that a roll? I think it is. This should prove to be most interesting. Has anyone here dissected owl pellets before? That's the feeling I'm getting here. We just don't know what we're going to find.

I think we should group like things together; it might get us through this a little faster. First up we have a couple of WIPs. Looks like a second sock, and perhaps a Clapotis? Interesting that she carries around the projects, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern to refer to...interesting.

What's next? We have an assortment of bags. A change purse, a Diva Cup bag, and a wallet. Inside the wallet we find an assortment of everyday items including some sure signs of a knitter; stitch markers and a tape measure. That purple thing with the drawing seems to be an actual wallet made out of Gaffer's tape. Something I believe the owner picked up in Portland on vacation.

There's that roll again. Hopefully it's just a leftover from the trip to Ukrops yesterday. Various receipts, etc that show us that the owner really needs to not use her purse as a trash can. I didn't think she had children, but that "art" certainly says otherwise. Let me check my file, ok no, apparently she gets bored at family restaurants and this is what happens. Uh-huh, moving on!

Looks like some pictures that the owner's mother gave her on the last trip home a few weekends ago. My files confirm this is her brother and his girlfriend at his senior prom, and the owner's grandfather. Yeah, that seems safe to cart them around a purse like that.

Looks like we're about halfway through here! What, you didn't think this would be fast and easy did you? This woman is a certified pack rat! She'll stuff anything she can get in her purse. Go get a drink, make a sandwich, and get back here so we can get this over with!

Ok, we back now? Good. Here we have your typical set of keys, cell phone, and Ipod. From what I understand these items along with that gaffer's tape wallet are what accompanies the owner of the bag when she doesn't want to be encumbered by a bag. Although, who wouldn't feel encumbered by those keys would be news to me. Is that a bottle opener there? What is she, a frat boy?

She seems to have an affinity for Target giftcards. Although I'll admit that the stained glass one is kind of interesting. The one with the orange face looks like it actually has slime in it; that's pretty cool. I bet none of these have money on them; that she just likes the cards. There also seems to be a checkcard that was loose from the wallet; apparently she's too lazy to actually put it back in her wallet, but simply throws it back in the purse when she's done with it.

That's odd. I didn't think that she knew what makeup was; she never wears it. How strange of her to carry around stuff that she never wears...

Hmmm. Not one, but two shot glasses. What a lush! Well, maybe they're just wedding favors that were never taken out of the bag. That's definitely likely. Also, there's a little doll that's made up like a warrior. Wait, oh neat! She's looking at you no matter which way you turn her.

Some more knitting related items although correct me if I'm wrong but you do need at least 2 of the same size needles to knit, right? Cause some of these don't have their mates. There's another tape measure, and it looks like a post-it note holder that matches the bag. So, she does have a little style.

Ahh, it looks like we've gotten down to the bottom here. This is the last bits that were hanging out. I'm curious to know what that tag goes to cause the owner definitely is no size 9! Oh, it seems to have been a hair band. When did they start giving those sizes?

Ah yes, here we are with an empty bag. What a long strange (and hopefully not boring) trip it's been. Until next time maybe with something not so telling. ;)


Zonda said...

Whew...I am still in awe of how that all fit in there LOL! Cool post!

lisa said...

seriously: how big *is* that bag??

love the ninja!

Scherzando said...

No kitchen sink?

How do you manage to fit that all in the bag? Is that a Mary Poppins bag?

kemtee said...

Defying the laws of physics… atta girl!

Beverly said...

I love that no matter how small a bag may seem, we can fit more into it than it was ever intended to hold. Thanks for the monday morning giggle.

Jo said...

Hmmmm.. I think I need to start carrying around shot glasses...

little bunny foo foo said...

ooh, is that a Lexie Barnes bag? It does look huge, I didn't think you could fit that much in one of those!

Amanda said...

I have a Lady B and I love it - although I rarely carry it because all of my projects seem to be much smaller lately...I was wondering what that one was like. You packed quite a bit in there - I'm impressed!
And...Lexie Barnes doesn't make that one anymore...POO.

OLPP said...

This is a true story, I promise:
One year for Christmas my Aint Nancy gave my brother owl pellets carefully wrapped in tin foil, tweezers, and a little plastic magnifying glass.

I love that bag!